A bit of history

Photo of Allison Zillman, owner and director of Swim Tours Australia, wearing goggles and wetsuit on Lady Elliot Island.

I'm Ally Zillman, the owner of Swim Tours Australia.

I grew up in a large family, that loved to be active, particularly around the beach and swimming. Swimming came naturally to me, and I grew up swimming at various beaches, creeks and the local pool. My story moves into competitive swimming and then eventually a career in Aquatics.

I first started working at Yeronga Swimming Pool as a teenager, working as a swim coach in between travelling overseas, and finishing a University degree. Now, decades later, and with another career in between, I’m back in Aquatics!

I am a nature lover and believe in reducing our impact on the planet. My values in business revolve around helping others, embracing differences and being kind. I have a passion for swimming and wellbeing, and want others to experience the joy of swimming while being present in nature. I believe Lady Elliot Island and K’Gari island are wonderful places to share this experience.

STA will align with like-minded business i.e., those that support our tours to take people into nature and challenge their inner limits, while bringing people together in a unique community.

Photo of a turtle underwater

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